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System Summary

Via the LAMINA1 Whitepaper:

LAMINA1 is building a Layer 1 blockchain, interoperating tools, and decentralized services optimized for the Open Metaverse – providing communities with infrastructure, not gatekeepers, to build a more immersive internet.

LAMINA1 uses a high-speed Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, customized to support the needs of content creators – providing provenance for creatorship and enabling attributive and behavioral characteristics of an object to be minted, customized and composed on-chain.

We chose to start with Avalanche, a robust generalized blockchain that delivers the industry’s most scalable and environmentally-efficient chain for managing digital assets to date. This starting point provides LAMINA1 with a flexible architecture and an extendable platform to support our goals in data storage, interoperability, integration incentives, carbon-negative operation, messaging, privacy, high-scale payments and identity.

We intend to work with the Avalanche team pre-launch to contribute back patches to be incorporated upstream, but anticipate that many of our features will remain only available to LAMINA1 users. Here’s what you can expect at Mainnet:

  • Open Metaverse Data
  • Carbon Token Staking
  • Cross-chain Integration
  • High-scale Payments
  • OpenID Connect
  • EVM Quality of Life Improvements

For more information about LAMINA1 and our vision for Open Metaverse builders & creators, visit us at


L1 is the native token of LAMINA1. It’s a hard-capped, scarce asset that is used to pay for fees, secure the platform through staking, and provide a basic unit of account between the multiple Subnets created on LAMINA1. 1 nL1 is equal to 0.000000001 L1.

Keep in mind that LAMINA1 is currently in Testnet and all coins gained or earned during this phase will not transfer over to Mainnet and have no intrinsic value. We will never sell Testnet L1 tokens, and anyone who attempts to do so is scamming you. You can get a small allocation of Testnet L1 tokens for free everyday using our faucet. If you need more Testnet L1 tokens to run a node or otherwise test the platform please reach out to us on Discord or email us at [email protected].