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LAMINA1 Testnet

LAMINA1 is currently in its first TestNet phase. In this first phase, we will be pressure testing a live fork of the Avalanche platform so that we have a solid foundation on which to build the additional features and components outlined in our whitepaper. While the ultimate goal is to ensure the platform runs smoothly and without issues, we’re going to be doing a lot of stress testing in this phase, and plan to have periodic resets of the network over the next month or two. In the spirit of open development, we encourage you to join us, hack away and create amazing things on LAMINA1, but please be aware that some functionality is under active development and you may need to redeploy your creations after any network reset in this initial stage of the project.

How to Participate in TestNet

Part of LAMINA1’s vision is ensuring the emerging Open Metaverse ecosystem is owned and operated by the users and creators. We need your help to achieve this and there will be many ways to participate in the various stages of LAMINA1’s development as new functionality rolls out.

While we welcome everyone to join us in this first phase, a lot of the streamlined tools and SDKs we are working on will not be available yet, so you’ll be exposed to the traditional blockchain user experience, with all of its friction and flaws. Regardless, we’ll do our best to walk you through all the major features of the system.

Here’s how you can join us in Testnet:

Get & transfer Testnet assets

Learn how to set up a LAMINA1 wallet, use the faucet to get your first Testnet L1 tokens, send & receive assets, and transfer funds between the three chains.

Stake Testnet L1 tokens to earn more

Staking is one way in which you, as a member of the LAMINA1 community, can contribute to running the network while earning rewards. Our short guide will teach you what staking means and how to stake your Testnet L1 tokens on nodes to earn interest on them.

Run a node

Technical community members who want to go a step further in supporting the network can run their own nodes, decentralizing the platform while earning rewards in the process.

Develop decentralized apps (Coming February 2023)

Developers can use Solidity and the LAMINA1 EVM to build custom assets, marketplaces, bridges, dApps, or anything else you can dream up.

Mint NFTs (Coming February 2023)

Interested in putting your creative endeavors on a blockchain so that they can be traded and used by the L1 community? We’ll walk you through the process of minting your first NFTs and other assets on the LAMINA1 testnet.

Launch a Subnet (Coming soon)

Need your own dedicated space to launch a demanding Metaverse experience or add functionality to the L1 platform? Subnets allow you to launch your own interoperable blockchain in the L1 ecosystem.

Build an immersive experience (Coming soon)

Learn how to bring blockchain assets into your Unity-built experiences using our Unity SDK.