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LAMINA1 Web Applications Overview

LAMINA1 Testnet Hub

The LAMINA1 Testnet Hub is where you can find all of the official tools for interacting with the LAMINA1. This will be updated frequently as new tools and docs are released.


LAMINA1 Web Wallet


The LAMINA1 Web Wallet is currently the official tool for interacting with the LAMINA1 platform and its blockchains, and is a fork of the same wallet used by Avalanche. One of our goals is to streamline the user experience of tools like this, but with a little effort, the current web wallet is pretty easy to understand.

We’ve provided dedicated sections on how to create and login to your wallet so for this section we’ll assume you’re already logged in and give some context for the various sections of the wallet.

Portfolio Tab


The first thing you’ll notice is a readout of your L1 token balances on each of the three primary chains, for more information on what each of these chains does, please refer to the architecture section.


To the right of your balances, you’ll see your addresses for each of the three primary chains. You can provide these addresses to other people or to the testnet faucet to receive L1 tokens or other assets.


At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a section on assets which lists all of the various assets you have in your wallet. This will usually include L1 tokens, but also could also include any assets that have been minted and distributed by other individuals.

Send Tab

The send tab will allow you to send L1 tokens and other assets to other individuals or addresses. Keep in mind that you can only send assets to addresses on the same chain. If you need to transfer assets to someone with an address on a different chain, you’ll need to do a cross-chain transfer. Note: You can not transfer assets to another address on the P-chain.

Cross Chain Tab

The cross chain tab will allow you to transfer your assets from one chain to another chain. You may do this so that you can send the assets to a person who has an address on another chain or perhaps to use functionality on a specific chain such as staking L1 tokens on the P-chain. You can read more in the cross-chain transfer section.

Earn Tab

The earn tab is where you can earn rewards by staking your L1 tokens on nodes. In order to stake, you must have at least 1 L1 token on the P-chain. Learn more about staking here.

Activity Tab

This tab will eventually show you a history of your recent transactions. We are working on releasing an initial block explorer, but until then, this tab will be empty.

Manage Keys Tab

This tab will allow you to manage and export the private keys for your wallet. You can use this functionality to migrate your wallet to another computer or wallet app. You can also save your wallet to the browser in this tab so that you can use a password to easily access your wallet from the same computer. As always, be careful with your private keys. If anyone gets access to them they have unlimited access to your wallet. For more information, see the dedicated sections for saving your wallet and exporting your keys.

Advanced Tab

This tab includes advanced features including recovering L1 tokens that are stuck in an unsuccessful cross chain transaction as well as signing and verifying messages.